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About me Audrey Macy

Hello, my name, is Audrey Macy. I am a second-year student at EBS European business school and I am interested in build and fashion.

For my future, I would like to orient myself in fashion. Moreover, I am interested in entrepreneurship and inverting in Africa. My goal is to improve my experience in USA like New York.

I am extrovert in group of work or in everyday life. I love feeding people so I am diplomatic such as I like to observe people personality.

I love traveling around the world like Italy, Africa or Japan.

I really want to work in fashion: it is a real passion such as I went to a lot of parades (Sandro, 9700, Mills Paris…). I’m focused on cultivating my passions.

I’m passionate about empowering women through fashion and business. My life’s mission is to help women reach their full potential in the workplace and in their personal lives.

What I am looking for

In 4th year of business school, we, students, go to study semester abroad in the partner universities of our school. For my part I would do my semester abroad in New York.

The second semester of the year is dedicated to an internship abroad corresponding to the different profiles of the students : For me, I would like to orient myself in fashion

Finally, I already have a number of skills in the world of commerce that I was able to acquire during the several courses that I was able to realize in the cultural space a company belonging to Nicolas.

Or I did the following tasks: customer advice, receipt and packaging of products, shelving and department maintenance, inventory management and market research.

My interests :

My inseec Classes :